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Kareena shines in ‘Tooh’ from GTPM! Check out Behind the Scenes!


Tooh’ is the upbeat naughty Punjabi number from the upcoming film ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’. Director Punit Malhotra wanted an entertaining item song to introduce Kareena Kapoor’s character in the film and Vishal-Shekhar have given him just that. In fact, it was Kareena’s favourite song in the film and Punit was ecstatic about having her turn up on set, on time, ready in costume and has said that she “has done such a great job that it just makes the song something else”. Remo D’ Souza, choreographer, also had nothing but praise for Kareena and went as far as saying that she “is mind-blowing in this song”.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the uncles and aunties boogieing to this cheeky track on the wedding dance floors! Watch out for the pun!

Now check out what went on behind the scenes!

I will wait for another answer individually.


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