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Saath Nibhana Saathiya / Re: good job rashi
« on: October 30, 2013, 02:06:00 pm »
so agree with u oishi
why cant raji tiff end with romance :'(

Thank you Andrea ;D

Happy Eid Ul Azha everyone :D

Hey Guyz this is an OS I have written in SNS forum
I would like to share it here
so am hoping you would appreciate it by commenting and if possible like
This is completely different from the serial. warning that this might contain some adult stuff and oly above eighteen should read

So here goes:

Once there was a Gangster Gang and the Gang alway's **** girls their thing is to **** girls and fight with other Gang's but, there was this boy in the gang who was called Jigar he fights with other gangs but he does'nt touch girl's he never touched any girl except one, Jigar did have a girl in his life before, he loved her so much her name was Rucha he sacrificed everything for her he even sacrificed his other gangster group and cause of that gangster group he had to lose his Love she was killed by them.

One Day jigar's new gang kidnapped a Beautiful girl called Rashi.
Rashi was fainted on the middle of a big hall so that when she wakes up they can **** her (Jigar never knew that they kidnapped rashi). leaving her the group went to jigar who was in the terrace they asked Jigar if he wants to join them but, jigar refused to join.

The gangster's went down to the hall to check if Rashi woke up, they went to the hall one of the guys went to switch on the light  but they couldn't see because there was no electricity.The guys went to pay the Electricity bill Except Jigar.

while they were gone jigar went downstairs to check if anyone was left so he dont feel lonely.While Jigar was walking across the dark hall Jigar tripped over something. jigar looked at what he tripped over he couldnt see what it was but for sure he new it wasn't something it was someone. Jigar went over to the window and opened the big curtains so that the Lampost can shine its light on the person he tripped over. he first saw Rashi's beautiful shaped eyes then her red lips all the way down to her, HOT RED Lehenga she was wearing a marriage lehenga choli, Jigar's eyes would not go off her because she looked exactly like Rucha (this song came up while he was thinking of Rucha (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGcB_FU82LA )
he had tear's in his eyes he then went near the window and banged his fist on the wall and was thinking of Rucha.

Whilst he was thinking of Rucha the lights came on he he didnt realise untill he heard...rashi say: Let me go (crying)
jigar looked back. jigar got angry and then went and gave a massive PUNCH to one of the guy that was holding her. One of the guys said What the hell BRO what happened to you? Jigar came to his sense's. Rashi went by another guy and said: Please let me go today is my wedding Jigar looked at Rashi in shock. one of the guys said: Oi SHUT YOUR MOUTH in a really loud voice which scared her.

Then they stared at Rashi from head to toe , Rashi saw that and got scared then Rashi pulled her scarf to cover her stomache.

Jigar went next to Rashi and said: I want to **** her she's mine. all of them were shocked at jigar because for the first time he said he wants to **** someone. Jigar then pulled her away Rashi was screaming & shouting: NO NO PLEASE LEAVE ME!!! jigar looked at rashi then looked over to the others and shouted: THANKS GUYZ taking her away, all the guys had their mouths wide open.

Jigar then took Rashi into a room. he then locks the door and looks at the crying Rashi he then goes forward and forward till she fell Bang on the big bed jigar put one leg on the bed Rashi tried getting up but Jigar pushed her back down holding each of her hands to a side...

Jigar holds both of Rashi's hands to a side and say's: Listen dont think that am interested in you cuz i aint and another thing dont tell anyone about this and if you do (Jigar stares into Rashi's eye's and thinks of Rucha) rashi pushes Jigar and gets up and leaves him lying on the bed.rashi looks at Jigar and say's: Is this a dream or something i am kidnapped in my marriage day and you are telling me not to tell anyone about this is this some kind of joke you Bloody  oi (jigar say's in a deep voice) Rashi gets scared jigar gets up and says DONT  YOU DARE TRY AND GIVE ME ATTITUDE.rashi starts to cry cause she thought he was ganna do something bad. Jigar see's this and calms her down by saying he wont do anything bad.

after she calms down Jigar say's: he's going down to tell the other's your **** and Dead.

Rashi look's at him shocked Jigar opens the door to go but, before he could Rashi say's: WAIT um..w...what do you...mean.Every girl that gets **** here has to Die. Jigar say's: yeah...um dont go anywhere and slams the door shut.

After a while Rashi thought of escaping so she checked if the door's open Thanks to god it was.

Rashi ran off slamming the door shut. Rashi start to walk down the stairs she stopped half way and checked if anyone was there None was there so she continued walking down when she reached the bottom of the stairs she heared FOOTSTEPS!!!! Rashi didn't know what to do so she quickly ran it to the closest room (Quess who's room she entered?)  She entered the room the room was Dark she couldn't see anything she looked for the light when she found it she switched it on Rashi turned around and was in shock. the whole room was filled with her pictures (Really it's Rucha's) Rashi say's: WOW how come my pictures are here did i take them or WHAT, then all of a Sudden she see's a big picture of her and Jigar, Rashi say's: how come mine's and his picture is together i never took it, Rashi saw a label at the bottom she read's it out : JIGAR AND RUCHA ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!!

Rashi was in a big shock. Rashi start's to search the room for more info.

Rashi starts to search a cuboard while she was searching she saw a diary she opened the Diary and saw Rucha and Jigar's picture and at the bottom it said Jigar and rucha's Lovestory she thought this might give her more info. Rashi start's to read...Rashi cries and cries...her tears were uncontrollable...Finally she come's to the last bit where it say's: RUCHA DIES IN A CAR CRASH...Rashi cryed her heart out...while she was crying she say's: My parents found me in a car crash and because of the car crash i lost my memory...rashi cries and cries...that means that i am RUCHA..all of a sudden jigar enter's the room Rashi see's his reflection in the mirror and drops the diary in shock and turns around facing him.

Jigar say's: WHAT THE..Rashi cuts him off saying: Sorry Sorry i just...Jigar goes close to her and grabs her by her hand and say's: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?

Rashi had tears in her eye's then she point's at the picture and say's is that RUCHA?

Jigar looked at her shocked and let go of her hand and turned and said:in a teary voice yeah...

Rashi say's:Do you know what happened to her after the car crash,No aini't that's cuz you never came back to see her did you?

Jigar say's: No i did...i did  go back for her but by the time i reached her funeral was finished.Rashi say's: who said her funeral was finished.Jigar say's:(in an angry voice)HER PARENTS!

is her parents name MR AND MRS SHAH? Rashi asked. Jigar said how do you know. Rashi say's: cuz i am your Rucha(Jigar in shock). Mum and Dad took the Advantage of me loosing my memory so that they can get rid of you and get me married to Virat Vadhera. i can't remember anything but, my parent's did give me a hint they told me they found me in a car crash. That's it i am going to them and saying why they did this to me. Jigar say's Rashi...um i mean Rucha just leave it i just wanted you nothing else...i'll do anything for you and for sure i'll leave this buisness right now cuz am ready to do anything for you...cuz ...I LOVE YOU.

i want to live a happy life with you starting from now on.

rashi was crying then both of them hugged each other...

                                                     THE END

Saath Nibhana Saathiya / Re: Spoiler Pic :*RaJi:*
« on: October 06, 2013, 11:24:24 am »
so excited dont they just luk adorable

i am loving Gohem right now
and Urmi can go to Hell
bloody money lover eugh

one think why does Jigar have to look pissed at her why not look at her in a mesmerized way

Saath Nibhana Saathiya / Spoiler Pic :*RaJi:*
« on: October 06, 2013, 11:22:44 am »

EF Television Awards / Re: Best Jodi On-Screen {Vote Now}
« on: October 03, 2013, 05:58:24 am »
Alina sorry but i dont like voting if theres no Raji    :(

Saath Nibhana Saathiya / Re: how long we have to wait
« on: October 01, 2013, 11:18:40 am »
hey oishi (u are awesome-raji right)

yh I know the crap s still on I hope it comes to an end and hoping to have atleast one raji scene tomorrow
because jigar will find out the truth right

Fan Fictions / Re: New ff:Mazhab! Episode 1 Rukhsar expecting Twin Boys?
« on: September 23, 2013, 04:28:52 pm »

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