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“For October The Meteorological Department also forecasts that It's another month to keep a close eye on the storm. Because there is a high tendency that there are often intense low pressure cells or tropical cyclones forming in the lower South China Sea.”
The impact of storm Noru causing heavy rainfall and flooding in many areas As the Meteorological Department predicts that this month there will be a storm moving into our home. for October The Meteorological Department also forecasts that It's another month to keep a close eye on the storm. Because there is a high tendency that there is often an intense low pressure cell or a tropical cyclone that forms in the lower South China Sea. and has a high chance of moving closer or moving through Thailand This will cause Thailand to have abundant rainfall in a wide area. Therefore, people and sailors are asked to closely monitor weather conditions and warnings. for this October The Meteorological Department forecasts that rainfall will be 20-30 percent higher than usual from the beginning of the month to the middle of the month. Every region will have quite dense rain. The North, the Northeast and the Central region will have 40-60% of thunderstorms of the area. From the middle of the month onwards. The rain will begin to decrease Bangkok and the eastern region It was raining heavily as well. The first half of the month has average rainfall of 60-80% of the area. In the southern region, both the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman coast. regarded as the monsoon season Will rain 60-80% of the area. Heavy to very heavy rain on some days. As for the sea, waves 2-3 meters high, although the storm has passed, but from October to this, the rain continues to be abundant. Every sector still has to prepare to cope. betflik

At 19.00 today (29 Sept. 65) depression "Noru" was centered around Muang District. Chaiyaphum Province has weakened to a strong low pressure cell In addition, the southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, the South and the Gulf of Thailand is strong. As a result, there is still heavy to very heavy rain in some places. Northern area The northeastern region, the central region, including Bangkok and its vicinity, the eastern and southern regions, urge people in such areas to beware of heavy rain and accumulated rain. This can cause flash floods and flash floods. especially the hillside areas near the waterways and the lowland areas for another day
        Some provinces that are expected to have heavy rainfall are as follows:

        29 September 2022
        Northern region: Lamphun, Lampang, Nan, Phrae, Uttaradit, Sukhothai, Tak, Kamphaeng Phet, Phichit, Phitsanulok

        and Phetchabun

        Northeastern Region: Loei, Chaiyaphum, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram and Surin.

        Central Region: Nakhon Sawan Province, Uthai Thani, Chainat, Lopburi, Saraburi, Sing Buri, Ang Thong

        including Bangkok and its vicinity

        Eastern region: Nakhon Nayok, Prachinburi, Chachoengsao, Chonburi, Sa Kaeo, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat.

        Southern region: Phetchaburi Province Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Ranong

        Phang Nga, Phuket, Krabi, Trang and Satun

        September 30, 2022

        Northern region: Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, Phrae, Uttaradit, Sukhothai, Tak, Kamphaeng Phet

        Phichit, Phitsanulok and Phetchabun

        Central region: Nakhon Sawan, Uthai Thani, Chainat, Kanchanaburi and Ratchaburi

        Eastern region: Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat provinces

        Southern region: Ranong, Phang Nga, Phuket and Krabi.

        The wind waves in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are quite strong. The Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf of Thailand have waves 2-3 meters high, in thunderstorm areas more than 3 meters high, while the lower Gulf of Thailand has waves about 2 meters high. The ship sailed with caution. Small boats in the Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf of Thailand should remain ashore until 1 Oct. 65.

        Therefore, people are asked to follow the announcement from the Meteorological Department. and can follow the information at the Meteorological Department website http://www.tmd.go.th or at 0-2399-4012-13 and 1182 24 hours a day.

        Announced on 29 September B.E. 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

        The Meteorological Department will release this announcement as the final version of this event.


        (Signed) Chompari Chompurat

        (Ms. Chomparee Chompurat)

        Director-General of the Meteorological Department

General Discussion / stellar brightness
« on: September 29, 2022, 08:46:13 am »
stellar brightness It is the light energy from that star in 1 second per 1 unit of area brightness is a unit quantity. But the brightness rating has no unit. It's just a given number. with the principle that there is no unit It's just a given number. The principle is that the stars are the faintest that the naked eye can see. It has a brightness rating of 6 and the brightest stars have a brightness rating of 1 star with different brightness ratings. 1 will have a difference of brightness about 2.5 times. If the brightness rating is different, 5 will be different (2.5)2 or 100 times when using this brightness rating scale. It is found that the Sun has a brightness rating of -26.7. This rule applies to other celestial bodies. that does not light itself, such as planets, moons
Here are some examples of the brightness ratings of the major stars in the sky.

Table 5.1 Brightness ratings of stars in the sky

Brightness Rank Example
-26.7 sun
-4.5 Venus when brightest
-3.5 Venus when most flickering
-2.7 Mars when brightest
-2.5 Jupiter when brightest
-1.5 Mercury when brightest
-1.5 star serial
-1.4 Jupiter when it's most flickering
-0.5 Saturn when brightest
-1 about 20 stars
0 stars, about 20 stars
1 star, about 20 stars
1.2 Saturn when the battle is at its dimest
1.6 Mars when it's the faintest
2.6 Mercury at its faintest
3 of the most flickering stars that could be seen in a big city
6 of the most flickering stars that could be seen in the countryside
The brightness of the stars observed in the Earth is called Brightness Rank Appears which is a brightness rating that cannot be compared with the actual brightness of a star because the brightness that we see on Earth depends on the distance the star is from the Earth. Therefore, astronomers set true brightness rating of a star as its apparent brightness when it is 10 parsec, or 32.61 light-years from Earth, so that the brightness ratings of the stars can be compared.

General Discussion / learning to make money online
« on: September 28, 2022, 10:48:51 am »
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Debate Mansion! / SSD hard disk
« on: September 23, 2022, 09:06:08 am »
Today, SSD (Solid State Drive (SSD) storage devices have higher operating speeds. HDD (swivel plate) many times, and is also small, lightweight and space-saving, making SSDs considered a new standard for notebooks in this era. The recommended minimum storage capacity is 512GB. Minimum capacity Recommended at 1 1TB Betflik

Watch Latest Bollywood Movies! / the brightness of the stars
« on: September 22, 2022, 06:43:44 am »
The luminosity of stars observed from the Earth is called the apparent luminosity. which cannot be used to compare the true brightness of a star. because it is the light that appears to us on earth show that the brightness depending on the distance from that star to the Earth If the position of each star is different resulting in different brightness And it also depends on the true brightness of the stars. betflik

computer specs It's one of the things that makes it a very worthwhile purchase for a Personal Computer, saving you money and getting a computer that meets your specs and functionality. And may make the remaining budget to upgrade in different parts as well, but for newbies Setting up computer specs isn't easy. Because the parts are constantly being upgraded. It can be said that someone who has done a lot of homework 5 years ago. betflik

Special Announcements For Moderators / advice from a veterinarian
« on: September 19, 2022, 11:12:18 am »
With so many dog ​​flea and tick medicines available on the market. Many people are unsure of which to choose. This time, we have gathered information on how to choose a flea and tick medication for dogs. With advice from a veterinarian and we have the top 10 dog flea and tick medicines. that has good results and is safe from famous brands PG slot betflik

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera! / LeatherEk Veer Ki Ardaas
« on: September 14, 2022, 11:16:17 am »
Veera returns home and tries to open a solar plant in Pritampura. She reunites with her childhood bully, a grown-up, rowdy Baldev, whose righteous father Balwant is now the Sarpanch. Veera and Baldev fall in love during their training of farm equipment, and an aspiring singer Rannvijay also marries Baldev's sister Gunjan and Betflik

Watch Latest Bollywood Movies! / turntable selection
« on: September 12, 2022, 07:35:12 am »
So if you're really interested in vinyl records, playing second-hand records isn't always that expensive. Maybe you'll even get a cheap, good quality item. only for newbies When going to buy old foreign records by record store If selected with some principles It should give you the opportunity to own a good disc at a good price. We recommend trying the following 5 principles when choosing discs. Let you have a guideline to use together. PG slot betflik

General Discussion / What will the 2022 electric car trend in Thailand be?
« on: September 10, 2022, 12:17:21 pm »
Electric vehicle trends in Thailand should start to become more and more clear When the government has issued measures to support the use of electric cars including increasing the number of electric charging stations from both the public and private sectors as a result of government support As a result, automakers have started to bring more 100% electric cars or BEVs to sell in Thailand.
Because of what consumers expect from electric cars, in addition to the charging time. The distance traveled, that is, a reasonable price is tangible.

Jodha Akbar / Zee telugu serial
« on: September 07, 2022, 10:41:47 am »
After this Mughal emperors like Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and You have heard about Jodha Akbar's love story many times Betflik

General Discussion / flu symptoms
« on: September 04, 2022, 09:36:26 am »
In general, the flu tends to have more severe symptoms than the common cold. By observing the symptoms that often occur suddenly. Unlike the common cold, symptoms tend to be gradual. and the important thing is Influenza is often characterized by high fever for several days. Especially in children, there will be a high fever that rises above 39-40 degrees Celsius for 3-4 consecutive days. There may be chills and shivering. While the common cold may have a fever, it is not very high. In addition, older children and adults often have muscle aches. extremely exhausted and loss of appetite is an important symptom
สล็อต betflik
One of the frightenings of the flu is The incidence of complications of the disease include pneumonia and encephalitis. This often occurs in people who are at risk, namely young children, the elderly, and people with certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and AIDS.

Color is a topic that everyone is watching every year. that there will be any new colors to be attractive The latest leaked image of the iPhone 14 reveals the iPhone 14 Pro in White, Silver, Gold, and Black Graphite, while the new color comes in dark purple. with a new shade of blue and some models like gold and white There is also a white signal line across the edge of the machine to see clearly.Betflik

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