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Author Topic: IPKKND-EBP 23|09|2013 WU  (Read 59 times)

Offline Mandy

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IPKKND-EBP 23|09|2013 WU
« on: September 23, 2013, 12:17:39 pm »
IPKKND-EBP WU 23|09|13
Shlok askAstha where she lives. She gives him the directions. He asks her to tie the sea belt. She does not understand. The song Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon…. plays in the background as Shlok gets closer to Astha and ties the seat belt. Shlok and Astha have a short talk about her home’s area. Atul, Kalindi are worried about Astha and are waiting for her. Astha falls on Shlok’s shoulder. Astha thinks if Shlok came late today, then don’t know what would have happened, I should thank him for saving me. Atul calls Astha and asks when will she come. Astha says I m reaching in five minutes. Atul is worried. Astha says I m coming, don’t worry. Astha cuts the call and tells Shlok I want to…. Kalindi asks Atul what happened. Atul says she said she is reaching in five minutes. Atul and Kalindi see Astha coming home in Shlok’s car and are shocked to see Shlok. Astha sees her family.Shlok leaves dropping her. Astha comes running to her parents and hugs Kalindi. Kalindi asks what happened, Atul says you were coming in auto, what is the matter. Atul says let her come inside the house, then we will talk. They take Astha inside. Astha thinks how the auto driver misbehaved with her. Kalindi asks what happened, tell us. Ajju says let her drink water first, she is tired. Kalindi says tell us the truth, there is something, see yourself, and whose coat is this, is this Shlok’s, what happened. Kalindi says I m getting worried, tell me. Astha is silent and tensed. She starts crying and Atul comes to her.Atul says don’t worry, you are at your home with your family, don’t be afraid, if you don’t tell us what happened, we won’t be able to help you. Astha tells them everything how the auto driver misbehaved with her and stopped the auto somewhere. She tells them in detail and cries. Atul, Kalindi and Ajju are shocked. Kalindi and Ajju calms her down. Astha says I m lucky that I got saved. She asks Kalindi not to cry as she is fine now. Kalindi says you won’t go anywhere alone at night. Atul asks them to calm down as Astha is fine. Kalindi says Bappa will always take care of Astha. Astha tells them how Shlok entered the scene and saved her life, and also gave her lift.Ajju says thanks Bappa for saving Astha from a dangerous thing. Kalindi says Bappa came in Shlok’s avatar to save Astha. Astha jokes. Astha says she is very tired and won’t be able to eat anything, she says I will go and sleep now. Everyone wishes her good night. She comes to her room and thinks of Shlok looking at his coat. She says thanks Shlok, you did a lot for me today. She says I should thank you personally, but I was afraid so forgot to say thanks. She keeps his coat in the cupboard and thinks of calling Shlok. She says Shlok does not use the cellphone. She looks for Shlok’s number and calls his landline. Shlok is working at night and does not receive her call. He says who the hell is calling.Astha says its 2am now, and its not good to disturb now. She is about to sleep. Astha says how will I say thanks. Shlok calls back on her number and asks who is it. Astha says I… Shlok says whats your name. Astha says I m Astha. Shlok says you being a girl will call at this time of night. He says what work do you have. She says actually I want to…. She asks how is my report. He says its bogus. Astha says sorry. He says come home at my home tomorrow morning and change the report. He says speed up your work and cuts the phone. Astha says he is rude, he did not listen to me what I wanted to say. She thinks she has to thank him once she goes to his house tomorrow.The next morning. Astha gets ready and thinks she is late again. She asks Kalindi for Shlok’s coat. She says I have to go to Shlok’s house. Kalindi asks her to take care and call them as Atul will come to pick her. Astha says I will be extra careful from now on, so don’t worry. Astha leaves. Kalindi tells Atul that she is very much worried about Astha, shall we book the two wheeler for her. Atul says fine. Kalindi says did you talk to Niranjan. He says I will talk to him now. Kalindi leaves. Atul calls Niranjan and says I waned to thank you and Shlok. Niranjan says for what. Atul tells him how Shlok saved Astha. Niranjan is shocked. Atul praises Shlok and says we can’t thank Shlok. Shlok came home to drop Astha. Niranjan says is Astha fine. Atul says yes. Niranjan says don’t call it a favour, its his duty, he says its good that you called, as I was about to call you. Niranjan talks about a plot. Atul says I can’t say about it yet, but I will try to
get it for you. Niranjan says ok, tell me whatever happens. Atul greets him and cuts the call.

Astha comes to Shlok’s house. She says if I get to see Shlok, I would have thanked him. She greets Niranjan. Niranjan says did you bring Shlok’s coat. She says yes, I have some work with Shlok. Niranjan asks Anjali to take care of Astha. Astha thanks him and he leaves. Astha keeps the coat on the sofa and looks out for Shlok. Anjali asks her to sit. Astha is about to sit on the sofa. Anjali says women sit there not here, this sofa is for men. Astha says I have to thank Shlok but where is he. She thinks where is Shlok Sir.
Precap-Shlok is sleeping and pulls Astha and says don’t leave me. He opens his eyes and sees Astha.

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