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Author Topic: Entertainment-Forums New Improved RULES! EVERYONE MUST READ!  (Read 497 times)

Offline I-Luv-Rashi

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Entertainment-Forums New Improved RULES! EVERYONE MUST READ!
« on: September 17, 2013, 02:59:36 am »
Admin : I-Luv-Rashi (Alina).

 Rules for This Section:

1: Sharing Personal Details: Refrain from posting your contact details e.g e-mail address,contact number,residential address or sharing snaps.A public forum is not at all a safe place to share personal details and this can cause problems for you as well as forum Management Team also,So sharing personal details is a Big No!

2:Posting Articles: Before posting any articles please check if the same article is already posted or not?,If not then you can proceed!.Remember to give credit to the website from where you have taken that article!We have a section for articles named Buzzing Buzz and you have to post articles first under BB section and then on the related show forum!Posting articles from India-Forums is strictly not allowed as we are in direct competition with above mentioned website.

3: Creating double ID's on EF (Entertainment-Forums) and using it wrongly is strictly not allowed and doing so will result in raising of warning level and repeating of the same can also lead to banning from EF as it is a serious Issue.More than one ID's are not allowed in any case!

4:Please refrain from posting similar posts on forum ,before posting please do check first two pages of the respective forum. As similar topics popping again and again make forum look messy.

5: No one is allowed to post any activities,contests,games without the consent of Moderators.As this can also be assumed as members are trying to take charge of forum when moderators are already present.

6:Usage of Emoticons: Please refrain from typing a post or response just of emoticons as emoticons are to explain emotions where you fall short for words,but it turns annoying and is also considered spamming when your posts are only emoticons containing.

7: Personal Details of Celebrities: Personal details like e-mail address or contact details are not allowed on EF as they can be fake and fraud! and our member's security is our first Priority!

8: No advertising: Advertising is strictly prohibited on this forum ,whether it is of any other forum or any products or any other websites.
Member's found Advertising will be punished with raised Warning Level+ Topic will be removed and a pm will be sent.

9: Posting Videos: Posting links and embeding videos is allowed here but you can only post links or Embed videos from direct sites like Dailymotion,Youtube etc.,Giving links of videos from other forums like Desitvforum,India-forums is strictly prohibited.Member not obeying this rule will be Warned!

10: If you want to provide Written/Video Updates for any respective forum then please contact the Dev Team and Members posting Updates without knowledge of the Dev team would be warned and Updates would be trashed.

11: Posting Replies: Try to stick to the topic while posting replies,Avoid chatting spamming in threads opened for various discussions.If you want to chat please use our Shoutbox and also we have chat club threads on forum.Spamming and personal chatting is not allowed on posts.

12: No Criticism on Dev Teams : No threads shall be opened criticizing the functioning of the Dev Team. If you have any issues contact the section Dev Team by PM and sort it out but do not create a scene by starting a thread here .No personal attack 'direct/indirect, abusive/sarcastic shall be tolerated.
If we see anymore instigating posts or snide remarks towards moderators of the forum. You will receive a WL.

13: Insulting,Bashing,Personal attacks : Bashing and making personal attacks against any actor/actress/CVs/members/characters etc. is not allowed. Make sure members know the difference between bashing and criticism. A critic is one who discusses things in perspective, never loses objectivity and states things in a logical and constructive way. But a basher is one, who states the points a bit too heavily such that, it no longer looks like criticism but looks like a total attack. Please try to learn to respect everyone's point of view which mostly varies from eachother.

14: Abusive Language : Abusive language and slangs are strictly prohibited and a strong measure will be taken against the member who is caught doing so.

15: Name calling or Comparing : Calling named to any actor/character/CV's/Shows/members is strictly not allowed and comparing any Actor/character/show/CV's/member to animals is strictly prohibited!

16: Moral Policing : Refrain from telling others what they should do!,As moderators are there to do the job.don't get in verbal fight and arguments on any topic you find obnoxious.Don't tell members what they are supposed to do or what they shouldn't! For further please read below point:

17: Report To Moderator Button : If you see a offending/vulgar/against the rules post please use the "Report to moderator" button and as  soon   as moderators come online, Moderators will take care of the issue.We are again repeating please refrain from taking ANY law in your hand.

18: Moderation : If you want to contact any Dev team then first contact respective moderators ,second Global moderators and then me (Admin) ,you can also PM admin if you don't receive reply from Moderator or Global Moderator within 2 hours! ,Dev team can also close the topics which are against the COC without any PM and members will receive warning for breach of rules!

19 : Joining Dev Team : If you are interested to join the development team then you can go to Special Announcements Section and there is post "Who wants to Join Dev Team?" please reply to that post and soon you will receive reply about the same. Please refrain from posting such topics on forums because doing this will directly wipe out your chances to Join Dev team if you have any!

20: Suggestions/Complaints : If your have any suggestions or complaints or compliments regarding Entertainment-Forums please feel free to post under Suggestions/Comments Section.We try our level best to Read them asap.Any suggestion posted on any other section would be trashed.

21: Personal Message : PM (personal message) are your personal conversation with your fellow members and on THIS forum we have kept it seriously personal as Global moderators and moderators are not allowed to read your PM's.

22: PM Reporting : If you are fond of bashing members through pm's then forget it as we have a Report button under pm's and every members can report pm's so if you bash or harass anyone through PM's and if they are reported to Dev Team you will be punished accordingly!

23: Copied Updates : We don't allow any copied updates to our forum and moderators or updaters found posting copied updates on EF will be punished similarly we also don't allow anyone to copy updates from our site!

24: For Celebrity profiles: We will be adding A celebrity profile if we get requests fro the same from 10 different members.

25: Please do visit Special Announcements Both Sections only daily basis as you will find daily developments in that section only!

We Hope you all  will abide by these rules!

Kind Regards,
EF Admin(Alina).

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TFs Alina ;)

Offline catty2000

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Thanks for sharing !


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